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GPS ნავიგაცია

GPS Navigation

GPS ბოქლომი

GPS ბოქლომი

კონტეინერის კონტროლი

კონტეინერის კონტროლი

GPS Georgia



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Why do I need GPS monitoring?

For companies - is reducing the cost of maintenance of the fleet, increase profitability and efficiency of vehicles, equipment and staff. As well as improving the safety of road passenger and freight transport.

For private persons - it is an opportunity to watch their loved ones and to respond in an emergency situation, it is easy to travel, hunting, fishing, and this freedom of movement, and this increase the safety of children, the elderly and the staff, and this increase in the safety of your car and the ability to track the location of.

What is difference between the Navigator and Tracker

The main difference consists in the purpose of the device. Navigator is designed to help the passage of the route, and tracker - to secure the route and other information, and, optionally, to send information to the dispatcher. Some devices contain both.

In practice, the mobile tracker consumes much less power than a mobile browser or device-enabled tracking program. So personal tracker can often work around 24 hours on a single charge, consuming energy on transmit and receive of data (GPS + GPRS).

How satellite is performing monitoring of transport?

For transport are placed specific device - trackers. They collect data on the position, speed, direction of travel, etc., and transfer them to the server. The server can connect and receive the accumulated information from any location where there is access to the Internet. Thus, you can remotely monitor and control the transport (corporate or personal vehicle fleet).

Monitoring of public transport

This type of monitoring is designed to improve the safety of passenger transport. With the camcorder allows you to control the number of passengers, to optimize the load on the route, monitor your driving style, the detail emergence situations, monitor speeding generate optimal transport schedule, listen to the situation in the cabin of transport pinpoint unauthorized deviation from the route, downtime, fueling and sink fuel.

Monitoring of the staff

Monitoring of the staff helps in industries where employees because of the specific work is not always sitting in the office and moved. Such as construction, agriculture, courier, road work, travels, etc.

Monitoring of the staff allows you to organize agreed actions of employees, to track their movement.

How to monitor the safety of goods

To monitor the safety of goods to a Monitoring devices attach a number of additional sensors. On the monitoring server will also receive information about when opened (raised) body, the temperature in the refrigerator, the weight of the cargo and its changes (loading, shipment). All events are anchored in time and place. Additionally there is the possibility of listening to the situation in the cabin and cargo compartment.

Monitoring tools (movement) of the animals

Used to monitor pets (dogs, cats) and to the herd (horses, cows). GPS tracker is hung on an animal and sends its location to the server when moving.

How to control the fuel of transport

There are several ways to control the fuel sold through automated tracking systems of transport.
According to the standards. The easiest way. The program shall be made standard costs for the winter and summer. Mileage is calculated on a route that recorded from the satellite, and multiplied by the standard rate.
With a standard sensor. Monitoring device (tracker) is connected to the standard fuel level sensors and using special smoothing algorithms and normalization reads the amount of fuel in the tank.

Dispatching intercity services using satellite monitoring systems

Satellite tracking system contains a GSM module that allows you to organize voice communication between the dispatcher and drivers. Thus manager not only monitors in real time the movement of transport units and generate reports for the desired period (in passenger traffic, the mileage, parking, fuel consumption, driving style, etc.), but also keeps the voice communications (with no additional cell phone) with drivers, coordinating their actions, find out the reason of deviation from the route, listening environment in the cabin, etc.

Implementation of satellite monitoring is to enhance the safety of long-distance transport.

GPS-tracker device

Tracker usually consists of: GPS receiver; GSM transmitter antenna, the electronics can process and collect the information it receives from the satellite navigation systems and external sensors, and control the connected devices (such as engine block), reserve battery to provide power to the tracker event of a power or the battery in the battery.

Means of monitoring the animal is often the usual personal tracker which can be used to track the movements of all mobile objects.

What computer skills should have the dispatcher monitoring system of GPS Georgia?

The program interface monitoring is quite simple and clear. Therefore, read the instructions, any computer user can work confidently in the monitoring system GPS Georgia. In addition, our experts can make a presentation and primary instruction for your employees.

Do I need special equipment and dispatching software to work in the GPS fleet management GPS Georgia?

No, for the work you can use any computer with Internet access (speed Internet channel - at least 256Kb \ s). To get started in the monitoring system GPS Georgia enough to enter a user name and password on the site.

We have a large transportation company. Is it possible to develop a fare and functions specifically for us?

Yes, of course. We can consider with you special deals for large clients. Please contact our office for more information.

Internet Explorer "brakes" when working in a private office? Report window closes immediately and it is impossible browse? Menu "map" does not reveal the whole screen? Settings after entering the information will not be saved?

We recommend using Mozilla Firefox because of the compatibility of the latest technology web2.0, which are used in the system and aging Internet Explorer. Most failures and "bugs" appear when using IE.

In which cities (regions) can use this program? How far is 'catching' signal of GPS Georgia?

We provide services all over Georgia. For companies engaged in international shipping, we offer a connection to the special conditions.

How does the equipment in the absence of GSM signal? All data is lost?

The monitoring system GPS Georgia in real time fulfills 100% of coverage areas of mobile. When you exit the coverage of cellular operator GPS GSM module stores all the information and restoring the connection immediately sends information to the server.

How does the installation of equipment on cars?

There is two installation options: 1) Manual setup to factory instructions for installing and using GPS GSM modules (instructions included for equipment). However, in case of equipment failure, we will have to verify the installation before the event to recognize the warranty. 2) Install the equipment in one of our installation centers. The average installation on one car takes 1-1.5 hours.

Is it possible to set on map checkpoints, routes?

Yes, you can create a map control points and routes and control the movement of your vehicles on them.

Which reports can be generated?

You can also generate the following reports: the management, the movement, the simple, speeding, the movement between the control points and other.

Is it possible to remotely stop the engine car?

Yes, it can be done in two ways: by sending a command from your "My Account" or a special command to the terminal directly from your personal phone.

Can I see where a car was 3 days ago?

Yes, you can. All routes of moving objects are stored on your computer. To view them you can go to any desired point

Is it possible hidden install the GPS tracker on a car?

Yes you can. However, the main problem is the installation of GPS antenna, which can be installed under the metal surfaces (hood, trunk, and so on.). The instrument panel is different on different machines on the composition of the material, and the metallization of plastic can make it impossible to install the GPS antenna under the dashboard. This requires experimental work. Our experience with clients suggests that hidden installation is not required, perhaps with the exception of special cases. Eventually the driver will find either the GPS tracker, or non-standard wires going to it. In the "open" set itself the GPS tracker in the cabin discipline driver, no desire to deviate from the route and use the vehicle for other purposes. Another argument in favor of an "open" to install GPS Trackers car owner has the right to know where and what routes moved his property. So why not take advantage of this right? Watching the vehicle or analyzing old path and finding a deviation from the route, you can always contact the driver (for example, by telephone) and demand an explanation of his actions. For most drivers only one such conversation is enough.

During the day car has a difficult route, sometimes passes on the same street a few times. Is there a way to understand the convoluted path?

Yes you can. For this there is a detailed account of the movements broken down into fragments path between stops. For each fragment shows the start time, the end of the movement, its duration, mileage, average speed. Each parking space is provided with a start time, end, duration of stay and its location (town, street, house number). Each piece of the movement by simply removing the "tick" in the report can be enabled / disabled in the display mode on the map. Consistently included in the report fragments trajectory can trace and analyze even the most intricate rout movement.

Does the driver have possibility to counteract the system?

Yes there is. A person can violate the operation of any electronic device, including GPS navigation module. For example, the device can be powered down. User program will see an icon on the map of the vehicle an unusual form - in the form of a question mark, which is located on the map at the place where the lost GPS-signal. The driver can be caution against such actions.

May be information of moving my transportation be available to someone else?

No, cannot. The user sets a password for access to the system and, thus, restricts access to information on the movement of the cars. The system can use only a limited circle of people who know the password. If desired, the user can change the password and give it to the circle of confidants.

Does this device require any maintenance or prevention?

No, does not require. The devices are used for years and can be used round the clock work mode.

How much energy consumes your devices?

Significantly less than other devices staff car. Energy consumption compared to consumption an ordinary cell phone.

Is there any areas in which your system does not work?

No, almost not. GPS-signal is everywhere. The process of the initial determination of the almanac of satellites can take 5-7 minutes. Starting with the "open" space satellite acquisition process does not exceed 1-2 minutes. If we talk about GSM-communication, the covering Georgia and the area that we use for the operator almost complete. Even if for some reason the connection is lost or its quality at this point is not enough data, the coordinates of the vehicle is recorded to the internal flash memory of the device, the capacity of which is enough for a day of work. With the resumption of communications data packet sent to the server. Interruptions in the rotes of moving objects will be.

Can the program monitor the level of fuel in the tank?


If the car was stolen, will I see where it is? Do you offer services on its search and return to the owner?

Time is the main success factor for car hijacker. For this reason, perhaps, to a system for monitoring the hijacker did not pay attention. In this case, you will be able to trace the path of your car. However engage a criminal prosecution and return of your machine we cannot, it is the work of the special services.

How appear on the map trajectory and the parking?

Our GPS trackers transmit the coordinates of a moving object with an interval of 10 seconds. (If the object is not moving, the range increases). A dot on the map that corresponding to the coordinates of the object. This point (when you hovering your mouse on it) carries the inscription, which contains information about the vehicle (state number, driver's last name - set by the user when registering a new vehicle), date, time and instantaneous speed of the vehicle at that point. All waypoints are connected by straight lines. At normal speed of the vehicles in the city flowing curves of the trajectories are obtained at reasonable scale chosen map view. In off-road vehicle speeds are usually higher, but also the motion of with these speed are generally straightforward. Therefore smooth trajectories stored. Parking the vehicle on a map marked familiar symbol "P" (on blue background), when you hover your mouse on which there is information about the time, duration, and a parking lot.

We have a taxi station; we want to set up your system. Can the GPS module work around the clock?

Yes, experience with taxis we have. GPS modules work in a taxi around the clock with no problems.

Is it possible to print out the trajectory of the car?


Can we find any object on the map (town, street, house)?

Yes, you can. To do this, the program has a separate tab "Search". Found object on the map is highlighted.

Is there any experience of installing the system on special machines?

Yes there is. Experience a positive one.

How long will stored information on your server? Can you save the information about the objects to work with it out of the monitoring system GPS Georgia?

All data about each object your fleet stored on the server for 3 months. You can always open and save the information in a given period of time, as well as print. In addition, you can save your tracks movements of objects and display them in the future with the map service Google Earth (Google Earth)

How can I find out about the location of my car and personal tracker?

The whereabouts of the car can be found through the Web monitoring. Access is available as a personal computer or a Smart Phone and phones. Or activating the «SMS-notification", you will receive SMS about location and alarms to your phone.