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Vehicle Solution

W 004
W 007
W 009
M 001
Helios Advance

Personal Solutions

P 003
M 001
FP 001

GPS Phone

T 001

Magnetic Tracker

M 001

Motorcycle Scooter

W 010

Bicycle Tracker

B 001



GPS ნავიგაცია

GPS Navigation

GPS ბოქლომი

GPS ბოქლომი

კონტეინერის კონტროლი

კონტეინერის კონტროლი

GPS Georgia



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Tracking System


Web Monitoring System



1.      Easy for multi user management and vehicle information management;
2.      Comfortable visual interface;
3.      Simplicity in understanding and operation;
4.      Display all kinds of information like address, status, speed, fuel, temperature information from vehicle in real-time;
5.      Security and reasonability in each features like settings, disable engine and voice monitoring etc.
6.      Novel features like POI setting, create street, route plan, create Geo-fence, etc.
7.      All kinds of reports such as trip report, fuel consumption report, parking report, find photos, check gprs flow, historical playback etc;
8.      Sending alarms and reports by SMS and emails;
9.      Remind your customer to pay your service fee;
10.    Compatible solutions for Taxi, Bus, logistics Truck;


1.      Compatible to IE6.0, IE6.0+, FireFox3.0, FireFox3.0+, Chrome;
2.      Compatible to Windows, Linux, Mac operation system;
3.      Has been translated to Chinese, English, Spanish, Arabic, Russian, Persian, Polish, Norwegian, Tamil, Danish;




Smart Phone

Compatible to IOS,  Android, Symbian, Blackberry.


1.      Real time tracking in your smart phone, you can get the latest information from you cars, your vehicle fleet, and your cared person, pets and assets at any time and any place.
2.      Comfortable visual interface and Simplicity in understanding and operation
3.      Checking alarms, remotely control your cars, set SMS number and email account, etc. it is smart as well as your phone