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GPS ნავიგაცია

GPS Navigation

GPS ბოქლომი

GPS ბოქლომი

კონტეინერის კონტროლი

კონტეინერის კონტროლი

GPS Georgia



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System efficiency

Why do small and medium-sized businesses need a monitoring system?

According to the latest research, small and medium-sized companies, which have implemented an enterprise monitoring system, see the following benefits:

• Increased customer loyalty and quality of service - 77%

• Increased fulfillment of orders - 54%

• Increased productivity of transport units - 47%

• Reduced cost of transportation - 31%

• Improved safety and life of vehicles - 14%


Punctuality and better customer service!

A separate task in the research was to find out how loyal the customers would become towards companies with vehicle monitoring systems. After the introduction of the system, the punctuality rate is improved by anywhere from 30-40%. Improving order fulfillment rate, promotes company's reputation, noticeably decreasing the number of customer complaints.


Companies fulfill more orders, using the same transportation and human resources. It is noteworthy that the use of GPS vehicle monitoring systems for companies with less than 50 cars, promises much greater relative benefit than the same solution for organizations with a fleet of over 1000 vehicles. Observations show that the performance of small fleet grows by 22%, while large companies’ performance gets better only by 6%. Satellite monitoring system also reduces transport costs by 10-15% and can dramatically reduce the instances of transport misappropriation.