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GPS ნავიგაცია

GPS Navigation

GPS ბოქლომი

GPS ბოქლომი

კონტეინერის კონტროლი

კონტეინერის კონტროლი

GPS Georgia



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Scope of Use


Fleet Management:

Trucks. GPS Monitoring software is ideal for companies owning trucks. Our solution is applicable for international transportation and logistics, as well as courier services.

The agricultural sector. With the help of GPS monitoring system, agribusinesses can drastically reduce fuel costs and improve overall efficiency.

Passenger transport (taxis). The use of monitoring software allows dispatching service to control: current location of vehicles, speed, fuel consumption and engine work hours. Using voice communication tools, dispatchers can quickly coordinate tasks for the drivers and therefore, improve the quality of service.

Car rental. Our system is ideal for controlling the location of your vehicles. It allows you to create special areas inside the software and immediately notifies you, when the car has gone in/out of that area.


Personal GPS control

Personal GPS devices allow you to monitor your employees' whereabouts during the day. Portable devices collect information and send it to the server via built-in GPRS module/antenna.

The movement of any employee can be monitored and analyzed in real time, as well as for the period of 1 year. Information is provided in Excel and visual formats.


Monitor your:

•             Sales representatives;

•             Advertising and insurance agents;

•             Service engineers;

•             Medical representatives;


•             Guards, drivers, etc.


The scope of the personal monitoring systems


Monitoring your children and elderly

Using our personal GPS trackers, you can always be aware of where your children are. Hand-held GPS phones, for example, allow you to communicate with your child, while at the same time determine their location using a special program.


Personal GPS trackers can also be applicable to elderly. You can be aware of the location of your loved ones at all times, and in case of emergency, you will know how to best help them!



Software and hardware system Monitoring-GPS is ideal for companies involved in trucking. Our solution is applicable for international transportation and logistics services, courier services.